Erotic fetish stories

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Fetish Erotic Stories

If ordinary sex is not enough for you, you fantasize about specific things, you love unusual caresses – let your imagination dreams run wild with our erotic stories about fetishes. The individual needs of fetishists are something we understand perfectly. Therefore, among the stories you will read here, there are many intriguing real-life situations when the heroes decide to play, alone, in two or in a larger group, that casual people never dreamed of. Regardless of whether you like women’s underwear on it or on yourself, or maybe you are a fan of playing with feet – there is an erotic story about fetishes that will ignite the imagination for everyone.

Fetishes in erotic stories – even the wildest topics

There is no taboo at this point – various fetishes and erotic preferences result from deep human needs. So as long as they do not involve harm, anything is allowed. If you are a supporter of even the sharpest fetishes, as well as those sometimes called weird – you will certainly be satisfied with the choices that our service provides to you.

Do you fantasize about rubbing against a beautiful chick standing in front of you on the bus, with leggings fitted perfectly on her ass? Or maybe you like the strong, masculine smell of a guy who worked all day on the construction site? Regardless of your preferences, even very unusual ones – we guarantee that you will find it here in our erotic stories about fetishes that will make your imagination run wild and your body will be inflamed to the limit.

The stories are written so that you can fully empathize with the situation – as their protagonist or observer. Perfectly detailed descriptions make you feel as if you are seeing each of these scenes live. You can almost smell their bodies, feel the touch of skin, underwear, or other materials. So, get ready for a dose of sensation and full excitement.

Sex stories about fetishes – choose the best stories here on this website!

Our erotic stories meet the expectations of people for whom ordinary pornography is not enough. We create it with passion for sex, publishing high-quality erotic stories about fetishes and fetishists, which are the perfect way to play with the imagination, but also to ignite the body. We are not afraid of harsh language, but there will also be stories that focus on subtlety, sensuality, and emotional dedication, related to relationships, circumstances or games. Thanks to this, you will feel with all your senses, what the characters of these scenes feel.

Don’t hold back your fantasies vision. Give them a vent by reading erotic stories about fetishes available on our website. Join the group of readers now and enjoy new, regularly published stories.